Streamline the Investment Process.

Investment managers can lose valuable time shopping for rates and comparing rates across different instruments. GFOA YieldAdvantage™ streamlines this process by allowing governments to solicit and compare quotes for multiple investment instruments — including CDs, agencies, treasuries, commercial paper, and repurchase agreements — through a single bidding platform. Governments can choose between open and sealed bid auction formats across multiple instruments and maturities.

Improve Competition.

GFOA YieldAdvantage™ revolutionizes the short-term cash investment process by creating a Web-based marketplace in which banks and broker/dealers compete for your investment business. The real-time auction environment encourages banks and broker/dealers to submit multiple quotes, greatly increasing the likelihood that you will achieve the highest risk-adjusted investment performance possible.

Promote Transparency.

GFOA YieldAdvantage™ is designed so that it can easily be configured to meet your investment guidelines related to yield, liquidity, and permitted instruments. An added benefit is complete transparency. The platform creates an archive for all your activities, giving you a clear record of the options offered and the decisions made.




“GFOA YieldAdvantage™ is simply a better way to invest idle funds. It’s faster, it’s easier, and it increases competition for a government’s investment business.”

- Jeff Esser
Executive Director


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